Never give up

When I opened my mailbox this morning I couldn’t believe it. My Berlin friend took a walk at Dircksenstraße and has found a new version of the collaboration piece from PLANETSELFIE x STICKERMAIDBERLIN x SOSCHÖN. This has the quality of a never ending story, with one basic fault: it is not written by Michael Ende.

The story started in January, when my Berlin friend took pictures of this piece the first time. PLANETSELFIE’s piece had been beheaded by someone. STICKERMAIDBERLIN donated a new head and SOSCHÖN gifted a watch dog, to protect it. Well, then this story picked up speed and developed to a race between the rabbit and the hedgehog. A cheeky thief – or thiefs? – has/have stolen again and again the head of this piece. The latest score in the match STICKERMAIDBERLIN vs. CHEEKY THIEF is 7 : 6. If I could, I would like to accompany this text with a background song by Barry white: Never gonna give you up. Hold on STICKERMAIDBERLIN!

2 Kommentare zu „Never give up

  1. Cool… and so fast, thanks a lot for the nice article. I have pasted the head only on Tuesday. Today I passed by and it is already gone. What a pity. So.schoen.immer.wieder told me I shouldn’t give up… OK… I have two or three other heads left which might fit… but then… enough is enough. Maybe.

    Gefällt mir

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