„STILLSTAND“ – Project of Urban Spree – Take 2

My Berlin friend has taken a series of pictures of Ida Lawrence’s mural at Urban Spree Artist Wall for project STILLSTAND, which is meant to underline how important art and culture are for society especially in times of Corona. He is unsure if the mural was finished, as the mobile working platform wasn’t removed from the wall, but as he is unable to get a second look during the next week, as a precaution I would say that the pictures show an intermediate stage of the mural.

Ida Lawrence is a Berlin based artist with Australian roots. It seems that she was inspired by children’s chalk drawings, which were popping up everywhere in public space during the Corona lockdown in Germany. Her personal perception is expressed through handwritten text frazzles and drawing of her repeated changing self-portrait. This mural is definitely a product of this mad time. Grey and lifeless but provoking and powerful.

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