Captain Borderline – „Collateral Crucifixion of Assange“

In the name of federalism, mass surveillance and the holy total control, Amen.

That’s to be read at art collective Captain Borderline’s Instagram account due to their latest political mural at Stresemannstraße 2, in the immediate vicinity of Willy Brandt Haus. It is a tribute to Julien Assange, Australian editor, publisher and journalist, who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. Since over 10 years by now Julian Assange sits in captivity because he revealed terrible war crimes in a war for oil which was contrary to international law. UN Special Investigator for torture, Nils Melzer, concludes that Julian Assange has fallen victim to a huge show trial, the sole purpose of which is to show the media worldwide the limits of investigative journalism. To bring it to the point, this mural is a cry for freedom of the press.

Stresemannstraße 2 – Captain Borderline „Collateral Crucifixion of Assange“

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