I m based in Essen, a town in the Ruhr area and my street art mania started 2013, when I came back to my old district in Essen.

Familiarizing myself with the changes in my neighbourhood, I strolled around and unexpectedly stumbled across a house with a spectacular designad facade. I turned around and went back home to come back later with my camera. This was already the point of no return. I didn’t know it, but I now was infected by a virus, unknown to me up to this moment. The STREEART-VIRUS. In the beginning I had a hard time; my major problem was, to find information about the spots, means to find street art in my hometown, which is not known as a stronghold for this kind of art. Later, after a few years and with more knowledge, I decided to share my pictures and tell my stories in the frame of my blog „streetartwalks“.

The next step was this spin off of „streetartwalks“ – „streetartwalks reloaded“. Under this headline I post more or less frequently the pictures of a Berlin based friend. He has no real wish to create a blog, or to have his own homepage, but wants to share his pictures. We have agreed to show his pictures in the context of this blog, as he wants to preserve his anonymity.