Urban Spree Artist Wall – Jim Avignon work in progress

Artist wall at Urban Spree has seen a lot of high class murals in the course of the time. It normally gets a new face, when new exhibitions are upcoming. The pictures my Berlin friend has sent today were shot a few days ago and probably the work of Jim Avignon was finished meanwhile. I cannot say if an exhibition follows; there is no announcement at Urban Spree’s homepage.

Urban Spree Artist Wall – Jim Avignon 07/2021

New Berlin Findings

Yesterday my Berlin friend walked Revaler Straße next to RAW property. His findings of paste ups designed by ULTRAMARINEDREAM, MISS GLUENIVERSE & COLOQUIX seem to be a bit older, not brandnew, but the colours are radiant and bright.



No country for Easter Bunnies

It seems that Berlin’s street art and graffiti community is not yet back from hibernation, or they have left Berlin, to escape from Corona (#FUCKCORONA). No new Easter related pieces to be found. And so my Berlin friend again deeply immersed in his archive and brought findings from last year to send the happiest Easter greetings from Berlin.

Friedrichshain – THE PYM (05/2020)

With this in mind – HAPPY EASTER 2021 from Berlin to all of you

Ultramarine Dreams

Everything will be fine

It seems that in Berlin the pandemic has brought some new players onto the scene. Instagram profile of ULTRAMARINEDREAM is quite new; the first post is just a year old. So I cannot say that much about the artist. My Berlin friend has found these paste ups at Niederbarnimer Straße some days ago.

ULTRAMARINEDREAM – Niederbarnimer Straße (03/2021)

CatEagleButterfly and other Kitties – KIEZMIEZ

It seems there is a new alley cat in the streets of Berlin. KIEZMIEZ, who is a Berlin based female street artist. Her first Instagram post was 03/2020 and it seems that this kitty has done a great deal of traveling since then. My Berin friend has found it spread all over Friedrichshain.

KIEZMIEZ – Kopernikusstraße & Niederbarnimer Straße

Black Roses & Death – DOROC & JIFF BOYS

Yesterday I had found a piece of ICHBIN3OELTANKS by the side of diverse local writers. This Berlin based artist, my Berlin friend didn’t find so far in his territory, and so I was ahead for about 5 minutes – then my mailbox rang and my advantage was gone. Advantage Berlin – Look for yourself!


„STILLSTAND“ – Project of Urban Spree – Take 4

For the fourth time within a very short time since the beginning of June, the famous 15 m x 8 m Urban Spree Artist Wall has got a facelifting. The mural of Berlin based artist duo ARBEITSTITEL has completed project „Stillstand“. The next mural at this wall in the pipeline will be created by LOW BROS.

„STILLSTAND“ – Project of Urban Spree – Take 3

Project STILLSTAND, which is meant to underline how important art and culture are for society especially in times of Corona, has produced the third mural. This time my Berlin friend is sure that the mural was finished. The mobile platform was removed after he had taken his pictures.

Coco Bergholm is a Berlin based artist; I don’t know that much about her background. Painting that wall, she was wearing a t-shirt, showing the slogan „IF YOU KNOW HOW TO LISTEN EVERYONE CAN TEACH YOU“. She has painted a black wall, in a state of renovation. The original black wallpaper has already been partially torn off and hangs in tatters. The raw wall comes out behind it – and an inscription „COMFORT THE DISTURBED – DISTURB THE COMFORT“ That is what art should do always, not only in times of crisis.