„A-FENCE“ – AGEAGE and RON MILLER work in progress

In August 2019, one of the biggest art projects of Berlin was launched at the construction site of a new skyscraper. At Alexanderplatz, in the direct vicinity of Park Inn Hotel, over a total period of two years, 4 artists will be allowed to paint the 160m long site fence. The project, which is curated by the former director of URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin, Yasha Young, was kicked off by Australian-born artist James Reka aka REKAONE, who lives and works in Berlin. His design currently is changed by AGAGE and Ron Miller.

„A-FENCE“ – AGEAGE 07/2020 (work in progress)

„A-FENCE“ – Ron Miller „True Heroines“ 07/2020 (work in progress)

Dircksenstraße – The News

Raised eyebrows, frowning and puckered lips, thats the comment of STICKERMAID for an advertising poster of the construction industry, to recruit new staff with a little play upon words „BAGGERN OHNE TINDER“. In German language the word „baggern“ is ambiguous: On the one hand it means „excavate“ and in slang it means „to turn on someone“. So try yourself in a self-experiment and flirt without your smartphone, or response to that job advertisement.

There is a never ending story behind this collaboration work of STICKERMAID, PLANET SELFIE and SO SCHÖN. Nevertheless, this is something new!

How long will this been going on?


HoF Mauerpark, that’s something like an outdoor living room for graffiti artist EME FREETHINKER; and as the host of that living room, he frequently recieves illustrious guests. Only recently Jean-Michel Basquiat, Angela Davis, Yoda, Darth Vader and Catwoman stream in and out. His latest visitor was one of his extraordinary apes.

HoF Mauerpark (06/2020) – EME FREETHINKER

Emerged from nowhere – NAT@ART

After a very long period of 4 months, my Berlin friend has made a flying visit at Haus Schwarzenberg, where he has stumbled across the stencils of an artist, he doesn’t know anything about, except his street name. NAT@ART seems to be Berlin based, as his/her Instagram account reveals. That is all, except his work, which speaks for itself.


NAT@ART – Haus Schwarzenberg 06/2020