Marsupilami Berlin Style

Marsupilami is a child of the 50ies, which is extremely seldom and very shy. That is probably the reason, why you don’t meet it very often in the wild. A small population exists in Essen and around Düsseldorf and it seems that my Berlin friend has tracked them in a small habitat in Berlin according to an insider tip. Hidden in a park at Südgelände and well camouflaged, already disappearing and endangered by extinction. But of course they couldn’t escape my Argus eyed friend!

Südgelände – DAME aka STEY aka EMAD

Open call for Information

It seems that the change in the top management of UN – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art has resulted in neglect of the neighbourhood around Bülowstraße. For many years Frobenstraße was a high class outdoor gallery and contact point for artists from all over the world. The walls were not allowed to be painted directly, but they were wall papered regularly as a painting surface. Since the change in the management floor of UN nobody seems to care for the walls in Frobenstraße, but artists are unstoppable. Of course they are able to paint on scraps of paper.

Does anyone out there know something about this spectacular 3D-graffiti-installation?

Frobenstraße (03/2021) – artist unknown

Space is in the smallest hut …

… and art is on every stone

A hundred years ago, Gleisdreieck was a railway hub in an industrial setting. After the Berlin Wall was fallen, the area, which was inacsessible wasteland, was developed and changed to a modern Berlin public park, which offers space for everyone. Last but not least it houses the popular Legacy Wall besides big fields of gravel. The Park has evolved from an inaccessible wasteland to a favourite place for human, animal or plant life. Nowadays a small Nekko cat was seen; probably it is on the hunt for mice.



For the first Urban Nation Biennale, from 13. – 15. September, Urban Nation Museum of Contemporary Art and more than 20 national and international artists have transformed the property below the urban railway track at Bülowstraße into a time capsule. Visitors enter through a futuristic tunnel and then, immediately, installations, interactive sculptures and performances ensure to catapult them into a parallel world, showing origins, actual state and distant future of our cities. Sounds of a primeval forest and strange mythical creatures accompany and hold the visitors under a charm, until they are disgorged again after a 100m course to the pure reality at Bülowstraße, where an oversized octopus rules.