The Masked Singer IV – Berlin vs. Essen

The competition between me and my Berlin friend goes on. Broadcast date for the next season of „The Masked Singer“ is announced for next Tuesday and now the last four characters were named: chick, turtle, pig and leopard. Again we have searched our archives for images, showing the main characters in the TV series and started a competition between the two of us.

pictures left hand: my Berlin friend – pictures right hand: streetartwalks

Berlin, Helsingforser Straße; CEEPIL (01/2018) & Dortmund, Humboldtstraße; KBS (10/2015)

Berlin, Siemensstraße; NEW CREW (05/2020) & Hamm; SilbernesReh aka Tanja Prill x Oliver Kahl x Tim Hellmich aka SonicOne (2016)

Berlin, Haus Schwarzenberg; CAZL (07/2016) & Essen West; USW (03/2015)

Berlin, Klosterstraße; unknown artist (09/2019) & Essen, Rellinghauser Straße; Ben Mathis (2011)

The Masked Singer IV – Berlin vs. Essen

Me and my Berlin friend are bored as can be. The procedures of diversion in times of Corona (#FUCKCORONA) are extremely limited and now this extreme weather! So this morning the message, that the next series of „The Masked Singer“ will start soon, was more than welcome. The procedure is clear since my first blog post about it. We search our archives for images, showing the main characters in the TV series and start a competition between the two of us. 6 of 10 charcters are announced until today. For our competition we have chosen bull, flamingo, unicorn and dinosaur.

pictures left hand: my Berlin friend – pictures right hand: streetartwalks

unknown artist (Lichtenberg 10/2015) & Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt 04/2018)

unknown artist (Schöneberg 05/2015) & DEMON (2014/08)

COW (Prenzlauer Berg 09/2019) & 1ZWO3 (09/2015)

Otto Schade aka OSCH (Teufelsberg 05/2016) & WONABC (Brudermühlbrücke 05/2016)

The Masked Singer – Berlin vs. Essen

To find good entertainment is possible to a limited extent only in times of Corona. Concerts, exhibitions, pubs, restaurants, fitness studios, swimming pools, the list of closed facilities ist endless (#FUCKCORONA). There is still TV, but to find something apart the US elections, Trump, Biden or even Corona is hard. OK – my Berlin friend and my humble self come out now to be fans of „The Masked Singer“. Yes! Who would have thought it?

The Masked Singer is a German singing competition television series. Actually it’s in its 3rd season and it’s around celebrities singing in head-to-toe costumes and face masks which conceal their identities from all others. The program employs panelists who are given various clues alluding to the celebrities identities to guess who they could be after each performs. At the end of each episode, the panelists and an audience vote for their favorite singer and the least popular is eliminated, taking off their mask to reveal their identity. [1]

Crossing Berlin by Underground, my friend comes up with quirky ideas, namely to search his treasure box for images, showing the main characters in the TV series „The Masked Singer“ and to start a competition between the two of us. This idea is brilliant, it extends the pleasure beyond broadcasting time. And for all of you who are not willing to face all those commercial breaks, here the remaining characters so far. ANUBIS, CAT, FROG, SKELETON, HIPPO, MEERCATS and ALIEN. The main fun is speculating about the person behind the mask. My favorite is the HIPPO, which comes around as a funny Ballerina with pink tutu, while my Berlin friend is more into the skeleton.

pictures left hand: my Berlin friend – pictures right hand: streetartwalks

ANUBIS may forgive me, but the best I was able to find was a piece with some Hieroglyphs: That’s all – unfortunately.


Marienburger Strasse; probably guests from Egypt (10/2015) & HoF Auf der Donau; GFS (05/2020)

Bülowstrasse; artist unknown (04/2016) & Cologne; MEOW (05/2017)

Rosenthaler Straße; OXALIEN (10/2014) & HoF Villa RÜ; TUFF HACF (02/2020)

Michael-Kirch-Straße; GRACO (2011) & Cologne; BANANENSPRAYER (06/2016)

Please find the remaining characters MEERCATS, HIPPO and FROG -> here

Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH – MOIN BERLIN

How does he do that? It’s just like the race between the rabbit and the hedgehog; whatever I do, my Berlin friend is just there. He has read my last post about my findings in Essen Werden and told me, that he knows the work of Leo-Leander Namislow under the streetname MOIN since he has found a number of his paste-ups in Berlin 2012. I have taken the first pictures of his pieces in Essen Werden 2014, where EINSTRICH has his studio.

Leo Namislow aka EINSTRICH – Alt Stralau (07/2013)

Parkaue – Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH (08/2012)

Köpenicker Strasse (07/2013) & Skalitzer Straße (08/2012)

Essen Werden (08/2016)

Snails and slugs

During my last walk at Hall of Fame Villa RÜ I came across a new piece of MR.PILZ, depicting slugs. And of course, my Berlin friend has something in his treasure box, to show some Berlin versions. As a result I have searched for snails too, and so here they are. An impressive population of snails and slugs from Berlin to Essen.

Bülowstraße & Holzmarktstraße – artists unknown

HoF Mauerpark – BRUNOSMOKY (06/2017)

ehem. Stattbad Wedding; WD WILD DRAWING (11/2013)

HoF Zollstraße – unknown artist (10/2014) & MR.PILZ (11/2016)

Olli Rose (04/2019) SIGNS AND WONDERS & COSY (04/2020) SIGNS AND WONDERS