Women in space – how the images look alike

Since the beginning of human spaceflight, women are present and active in astronautics. The first woman, Valentina Tereshkova, flew to space 1963. Due to that, Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin just has commissioned to paint a construction fence on their site. I don’t know if THE NEW CREW had the idea or if it was a wish of the client, but I suppose the motif is based on the movie „Proxima“, which will start in our cinemas soon. At the same time MINKIM has painted a female astronaut for mural project „Discovery of the unknown“ at Teufelsberg.

Zeiss Großplanetarium Berlin – SOLD and others THE NEW CRU

Teufelsberg mural project „Discovery of the unknown“; MINKIM

House of Statistics – temporary street art hot spot

Built at Alexanderplatz 1968-1970, House of Statistics of the GDR (East Germany) did not function as such for long. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, its function under the authority of the GDR came to an end. 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was used by the office of the Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service that grants people access to all Stasi-files that concern them. 2008 the institution moved to another location and left behind a series of empty buildings with the gigantic size of 50,000 squaremetres. The building complex has been empty since then and slept a deep sleep.

Like the most derelict buildings and lost places, House of Statidtics lives a double life. Quietly hidden, often tucked away in night and fog, street artists do there what they always do – occupate and design space. My Berlin friend was on their traces and has sent his newest findings.


Open call for information

He usually is well informed and up to date, but finding this installation in Berlin Mitte, my Berlin friend was completely clueless. The piece was found in prominent location, but unfortunately the signature is unreadable. So I hope to get more information about this piece this way. Please don’t hesitate to left a comment or contact me in the case you know more.

TIANOOO – THE CAT in a dressing gown

In Berlin Mitte my Berlin friend has found a number of paste ups of a newcomer, called TIANOOO THE CAT. What I know about him/her origins from the artist’s Instagram account. According to this, the main character of this artist is a cat in a dressing gown, which you can already find in the streets of Hamburg, Hannover and nowadays in Berlin Mitte in different colours.


Pa Pa Pa – PapapapaPapageno

During the winter, LACUNA has pasted his new series called „The missing birds“ in the streets of Berlin. He mainly has painted birds, that are at home in Berlin in their almost natural size. When winter starts in Germany, several birds migrate south to the warmer regions and we all miss those colourful housemates. Who wonders, that LACUNA tried to preserve memory during the winter with these little paper-works, done with stencils and spraypaint on paper. My bird catcher has found a number of them in Bergmann Kiez and sent Nightingale and black redstart to please me.

Kreuzberg, Bergmannkiez – LACUNA