Marsupilami Berlin Style

Marsupilami is a child of the 50ies, which is extremely seldom and very shy. That is probably the reason, why you don’t meet it very often in the wild. A small population exists in Essen and around Düsseldorf and it seems that my Berlin friend has tracked them in a small habitat in Berlin according to an insider tip. Hidden in a park at Südgelände and well camouflaged, already disappearing and endangered by extinction. But of course they couldn’t escape my Argus eyed friend!

Südgelände – DAME aka STEY aka EMAD

Scary Halloween to all of you

My Berlin friend commissioned me to let you know that these Halloween pieces, shot at HoF Mauerpark, will be the last pictures for a while.

„Dear friends of Berlin Graffiti – Scary Halloween 2020. Due to the current Corona restrictions (#FUCKCORONA) for now I’ll stay at home by the fire. Stay healthy and look forward to Christmas. HoHoHo!“



Space is in the smallest hut …

… and art is on every stone

A hundred years ago, Gleisdreieck was a railway hub in an industrial setting. After the Berlin Wall was fallen, the area, which was inacsessible wasteland, was developed and changed to a modern Berlin public park, which offers space for everyone. Last but not least it houses the popular Legacy Wall besides big fields of gravel. The Park has evolved from an inaccessible wasteland to a favourite place for human, animal or plant life. Nowadays a small Nekko cat was seen; probably it is on the hunt for mice.



My Berlin friend is familiar with Berlin’s graffiti scene and has found spectacular pieces of graffiti art all the time at HoF Mauerpark, but sometimes he stumbles across the work of artists, he never has heard of before. Those predator cats were the first pieces of AUTARK my friend has found so far. One thing is for sure, this artist surely is not a rookie! We both hope that he/she is not only a short-term visitor and those pieces are the start of a never ending series.


There is somthing to add: After the release of this post I have got the information from AUTARK that only one of those cats comes from him. His original piece was adopted by artists unknown to me (and him), who have supplemented his piece with two other cats in a very respectful way.


HoF Mauerpark, that’s something like an outdoor living room for graffiti artist EME FREETHINKER; and as the host of that living room, he frequently recieves illustrious guests. Only recently Jean-Michel Basquiat, Angela Davis, Yoda, Darth Vader and Catwoman stream in and out. His latest visitor was one of his extraordinary apes.

HoF Mauerpark (06/2020) – EME FREETHINKER