Women in space – how the images look alike

Since the beginning of human spaceflight, women are present and active in astronautics. The first woman, Valentina Tereshkova, flew to space 1963. Due to that, Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin just has commissioned to paint a construction fence on their site. I don’t know if THE NEW CREW had the idea or if it was a wish of the client, but I suppose the motif is based on the movie „Proxima“, which will start in our cinemas soon. At the same time MINKIM has painted a female astronaut for mural project „Discovery of the unknown“ at Teufelsberg.

Zeiss Großplanetarium Berlin – SOLD and others THE NEW CRU

Teufelsberg mural project „Discovery of the unknown“; MINKIM

Captain Borderline – „Collateral Crucifixion of Assange“

In the name of federalism, mass surveillance and the holy total control, Amen.

That’s to be read at art collective Captain Borderline’s Instagram account due to their latest political mural at Stresemannstraße 2, in the immediate vicinity of Willy Brandt Haus. It is a tribute to Julien Assange, Australian editor, publisher and journalist, who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. Since over 10 years by now Julian Assange sits in captivity because he revealed terrible war crimes in a war for oil which was contrary to international law. UN Special Investigator for torture, Nils Melzer, concludes that Julian Assange has fallen victim to a huge show trial, the sole purpose of which is to show the media worldwide the limits of investigative journalism. To bring it to the point, this mural is a cry for freedom of the press.

Stresemannstraße 2 – Captain Borderline „Collateral Crucifixion of Assange“

Falckensteinstraße 46 – MARYCULA

The building at Falckensteinstraße 46 is remarkable and interesting for more than one reason. For me it marks the border to Kreuzberg. With „M99 – General Store with Revolution Requisites“ it houses one of the most idiosyncratic shops I know in Berlin. It is plastered with street art of all kinds, but most of all it is a residental house, which has got a first mural painting by Rolf Alexander Burkhart 1982. The mural was titled „Aufbruch uns Offene“ but for me it was the „Hoş Geldiniz! House“. The facade now was refreshed with a new mural by MARYCULA titled „Umverteilen für eine solidarische Welt“ (Redistribution for a world based on solidarity).

Rolf Alexander Burkhart „Aufbruch uns Offene“ (1982) – MARYCULA „Umverteilen für eine solidarische Welt“ (2021)

Women’s Rights are Human Rights – „Courage needs Protection“

URBAN NATION Museum and Amnesty International have celebrated the International Women’s Day together with the first „Brave Wall“ for Berlin. Only last year in Berlin, March 8 was declared a public holiday; this year’s International Women’s Day, Berlin’s first „Brave Wall“ was presented to the public.

Berlin based muralist Katerina Voronina, puts the focus on the brazilian human rights defender Marielle Franco, who was murdered on March 14, 2018. The artist created her first large mural on the facade of a residential building at Gitschiner Street 64 – 67 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Oh – by the way – THE BERLIN KIDZ were first. Wherever you are in Berlin, you cannot escape them.

Brave Wall – Katerina Voronina with the help of Emily Eldridge & THE BERLIN KIDZ – Gitschiner Street 64 – 67

Open call for Information

It seems that the change in the top management of UN – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art has resulted in neglect of the neighbourhood around Bülowstraße. For many years Frobenstraße was a high class outdoor gallery and contact point for artists from all over the world. The walls were not allowed to be painted directly, but they were wall papered regularly as a painting surface. Since the change in the management floor of UN nobody seems to care for the walls in Frobenstraße, but artists are unstoppable. Of course they are able to paint on scraps of paper.

Does anyone out there know something about this spectacular 3D-graffiti-installation?

Frobenstraße (03/2021) – artist unknown

My funny Valentine – Berlin

Of course my Berlin friend has to add his two cents to the topic of the day: smooch.

He comes up with the socialist fraternal kiss „My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love„, a graffiti painting on the Berlin Wall depicting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev kissing East German leader Erich Honecker among others.

Kreuzberg; ALICE (0272012) & Wrangelstraße; artist unknown ( 01/2013)

Eastside Gallery; Dmitrij Vrubel restored (09/2019)

The Masked Singer IV – Berlin vs. Essen

The competition between me and my Berlin friend goes on. Broadcast date for the next season of „The Masked Singer“ is announced for next Tuesday and now the last four characters were named: chick, turtle, pig and leopard. Again we have searched our archives for images, showing the main characters in the TV series and started a competition between the two of us.

pictures left hand: my Berlin friend – pictures right hand: streetartwalks

Berlin, Helsingforser Straße; CEEPIL (01/2018) & Dortmund, Humboldtstraße; KBS (10/2015)

Berlin, Siemensstraße; NEW CREW (05/2020) & Hamm; SilbernesReh aka Tanja Prill x Oliver Kahl x Tim Hellmich aka SonicOne (2016)

Berlin, Haus Schwarzenberg; CAZL (07/2016) & Essen West; USW (03/2015)

Berlin, Klosterstraße; unknown artist (09/2019) & Essen, Rellinghauser Straße; Ben Mathis (2011)

The Masked Singer IV – Berlin vs. Essen

Me and my Berlin friend are bored as can be. The procedures of diversion in times of Corona (#FUCKCORONA) are extremely limited and now this extreme weather! So this morning the message, that the next series of „The Masked Singer“ will start soon, was more than welcome. The procedure is clear since my first blog post about it. We search our archives for images, showing the main characters in the TV series and start a competition between the two of us. 6 of 10 charcters are announced until today. For our competition we have chosen bull, flamingo, unicorn and dinosaur.

pictures left hand: my Berlin friend – pictures right hand: streetartwalks

unknown artist (Lichtenberg 10/2015) & Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt 04/2018)

unknown artist (Schöneberg 05/2015) & DEMON (2014/08)

COW (Prenzlauer Berg 09/2019) & 1ZWO3 (09/2015)

Otto Schade aka OSCH (Teufelsberg 05/2016) & WONABC (Brudermühlbrücke 05/2016)

HERAKUT – I’m fed up!!! Dschingis Kahn

Houseboat „Dschingis Kahn“ is one of the backdrops for the shooting of the popular TV soap „Berlin Tag & Nacht (BTN)“. It is noted in Google maps as a point of interest and recently has got a new design by HERA, who has painted it on behalf of WWF and BTN as a statement against littering oceans and rivers with plastic waste.


Dschingis Kahn; Stralauer Allee; HERA „Ick hab die Schnauze voll !!!“