Dircksenstraße – The News

Raised eyebrows, frowning and puckered lips, thats the comment of STICKERMAID for an advertising poster of the construction industry, to recruit new staff with a little play upon words „BAGGERN OHNE TINDER“. In German language the word „baggern“ is ambiguous: On the one hand it means „excavate“ and in slang it means „to turn on someone“. So try yourself in a self-experiment and flirt without your smartphone, or response to that job advertisement.

There is a never ending story behind this collaboration work of STICKERMAID, PLANET SELFIE and SO SCHÖN. Nevertheless, this is something new!

How long will this been going on?


Mezy is a street artist based in Berlin and I don’t know that much about him. As in street art and graffiti a common method of style is to play with the name, it took me some time to realize, that MEZY, MEZI, MESY, MESI and MESIASONERS are one and the same person. For me it started all with a funny chick which wears half of its egg shell still on the head. My first encounter with that chick and the artist MEZY was 2018 at Deutsche Oper Berlin during the first Paste-Up Festival Germany. In the course of the time the chick emerged on different media, like tiles or vinyl records – and it got company of a number of strange guys.

The first stencils of celebreties I have found on vinyl records since 2019 and since then his stencils have made a continuous development. My Berlin friend has found MEZY’s latest works at Bülowstraße and Gleisdreieck Park.

MEZY – Bülowstraße & Gleisdreieck Park (07/2020)

Emerged from nowhere – NAT@ART

After a very long period of 4 months, my Berlin friend has made a flying visit at Haus Schwarzenberg, where he has stumbled across the stencils of an artist, he doesn’t know anything about, except his street name. NAT@ART seems to be Berlin based, as his/her Instagram account reveals. That is all, except his work, which speaks for itself.


NAT@ART – Haus Schwarzenberg 06/2020

Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH – MOIN BERLIN

How does he do that? It’s just like the race between the rabbit and the hedgehog; whatever I do, my Berlin friend is just there. He has read my last post about my findings in Essen Werden and told me, that he knows the work of Leo-Leander Namislow under the streetname MOIN since he has found a number of his paste-ups in Berlin 2012. I have taken the first pictures of his pieces in Essen Werden 2014, where EINSTRICH has his studio.

Leo Namislow aka EINSTRICH – Alt Stralau (07/2013)

Parkaue – Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH (08/2012)

Köpenicker Strasse (07/2013) & Skalitzer Straße (08/2012)

Essen Werden (08/2016)

My Berlin friend comes onto the Skull

Corona and no end in sight. Too much time to think about risks, illness – and death. That’s how my Berlin friend and I got the skulls. The skull is an old international symbol for death, the defiance of death and danger. In graffiti and street art it is a common stylistic device and so it’s no wonder, that in these days the skuls are in upswing. At Underground station Birkenstraße my friend has found this funny chap on paper. Unfortunately he doesn’t know anything about the artist.

Street Art Collective MENTALGASSI – Wear a Mask!

I don’t know anything about the Berlin based street art trio MENTALGASSI. The little I know has appeared in the press [1] and according to that, this artist collective consists of 3 friends, who have met at secondary school around the age of sixteen. Like many other urban kids they started with graffiti on walls, buildings, U-bahn stations and trains. Later they became interested in new media techniques – photography, printing, image manipulation – and wondered how those techniques might be applied to three-dimensional objects. Their street name MENTALGASSI refers to their former habit to meet on Sundays, to walk a flatmate’s dog and let their minds wander. In German we say “ “Wir gehen mit dem Hund Gassi.” (We’re taking the dog for a walk). “Gassi gehen” became an euphemism for their kind of art, for making a kind of mental journey. Today my Berlin friend has sent a number of pictures of their latest work in Kreuzberg, at Reichenberger Straße; glued with wallpaper paste onto some of Berlin’s recycling bins.

MENTALGASSI – Reichenberger Straße – Maskenpflicht – Wear a Mask

Snails and slugs

During my last walk at Hall of Fame Villa RÜ I came across a new piece of MR.PILZ, depicting slugs. And of course, my Berlin friend has something in his treasure box, to show some Berlin versions. As a result I have searched for snails too, and so here they are. An impressive population of snails and slugs from Berlin to Essen.

Bülowstraße & Holzmarktstraße – artists unknown

HoF Mauerpark – BRUNOSMOKY (06/2017)

ehem. Stattbad Wedding; WD WILD DRAWING (11/2013)

HoF Zollstraße – unknown artist (10/2014) & MR.PILZ (11/2016)

Olli Rose (04/2019) SIGNS AND WONDERS & COSY (04/2020) SIGNS AND WONDERS

Dropped out of the role…

The struggle for toilet paper in times of corona lock down is a miracle for me, but toilet paper was a topic in street art long before EME FREETHINKER had left his remarkable piece of Gollum’s treasure at HoF Mauerpark. My Berlin friend has found a piece of PQ at Dircksenstraße in September 2012. I suppose PQ to be a street artist based in France, may be in Paris. It seems that a roll of toilet paper is his/her trademark.

B.A., member of A-TEAM, normally is known for beeing decorated over and over with layers of gold jewelry. He seems to have changed his preferences to a more stable and lasting value.

PQ street art (09/2012) – Dircksenstraße