Black Roses & Death – DOROC & JIFF BOYS

Yesterday I had found a piece of ICHBIN3OELTANKS by the side of diverse local writers. This Berlin based artist, my Berlin friend didn’t find so far in his territory, and so I was ahead for about 5 minutes – then my mailbox rang and my advantage was gone. Advantage Berlin – Look for yourself!


THE JIFF BOYS and friends – Supplement

In September my Berlin friend has sent a number of pictures of a new mural in Berlin Lichtenberg at Herzbergstraße. The JIFF BOYS and a number of friends had painted a big mural, following their passion for trains, a passion that they share with many other graffiti writers near and far. In view of that wall, my spontaneous complainment was: why didn’t they tag those trains, when they had the chance and get away without danger? It seems that I wasn’t the only one with this question. The crew now has delivered a number of tags and I have to say: much better now. Well done! The mural is complete now.

THE JIFF BOYS and friends

in need of a train to be painted? You should paint one – or more

This wall was at the schedule of my Berlin friend at the weekend. It is situated in Lichtenberg at Herzbergstraße. DOROC (THE JIFF BOYS) and a number of friends have painted a wall exactly the way they like it. And they didn’t forget to greet 1213.