The last pictures my Berlin friend has sent to me, was „The Hulk“ at Legacy wall. But it is like it was: It did not leave him in peace until he had monitored his arcive for Hulks, he has taken pictures of in the course of the time. There were not that much to be found. And when I searched my treasure box for Hulks, I had to learn, that there was one only; how funny that I have taken it in Berlin too. In fact „The Hulk“ was subject to a Stan Lee Tribute Exhibition at Sold Out Gallery in Bochum. But the pieces were presented on canvas. For those of you who don’t bother, I’ll show some Hulks on canvas. Quasi out of competition.

Hall of Fame Wittenau (10/2007)

Artist unknown

Legacy Graffiti Hall of Fame

Artist unknown (04/2015)

Ritterstraße / Kreuzberg

JADORE (07/2015)

ORSON x HONEY (05/2019) – Revaler Straße 34 – YARD5 Open Air Gallery Modersohnbrücke

Sold Out Gallery group show „Stan Lee Tribute Show“ SKUNK4GWOP & MARSHAL ARTS

Turtle Mania

My last walk I have made at Ruhrpark, a giant shopping mall in Bochum, where I found a commissioned work by Denis Klatt aka HIFI, depicting a marine scenery, reminding of a big Aquarium. I was thrilled and told my friend about the animals in it. Especially that turtle inspired me, to search my archive for the turtles, I have found over the years. More in a subsentence I asked my friend for his turtles, and in no time we had a battle. Please find the results below and enjoy the different types of turtles and the personal approach of the artists to design them.

Denis Klatt aka HIFI (Ruhr Park Bochum)

Tanja Prill x Oliver Kahl x Tim Hellmich aka SonicOne (Hamm) & Damian Bautsch aka AMI ONE (Düsseldorf)

MR.PILZ (Essen)

Karsten Breidenbroich (Düsseldorf) & MR.PILZ (Gelsenkirxhen)


SYRUS aka Jadore Tong (Kreuzberg)

Unknown Artist (Prenzlauer Berg) & Bill Knospi (Spandau)

Unknown Artist (Yorckstraße) & Unknown Artist (Mauerpark)

Compactstation; Krumme Straße & Zeitzer Straße

Revaler Straße; Yard5 Summerjam & Niederbarnimer Straße; WALDEN