Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH – MOIN BERLIN

How does he do that? It’s just like the race between the rabbit and the hedgehog; whatever I do, my Berlin friend is just there. He has read my last post about my findings in Essen Werden and told me, that he knows the work of Leo-Leander Namislow under the streetname MOIN since he has found a number of his paste-ups in Berlin 2012. I have taken the first pictures of his pieces in Essen Werden 2014, where EINSTRICH has his studio.

Leo Namislow aka EINSTRICH – Alt Stralau (07/2013)

Parkaue – Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH (08/2012)

Köpenicker Strasse (07/2013) & Skalitzer Straße (08/2012)

Essen Werden (08/2016)